Adam McNeilly

Adam McNeilly

Software Engineer, traveler, pun enthusiast.


Creating A Better Developer Experience By Avoiding Legacy Code

Android Summit 2020 I presented at the virtual Android Summit about how to avoid writing legacy code and create a better experience for your future teammates.

Take Control Of Your APIs With GraphQL

Android Makers 2020 I presented at the virtual Android Makers 2020 about GraphQL and how to have more client side control of your networking APIs.

Contributing To Kotlin

NY Kotlin Meetup, February 2019 I presented with my coworker Brian Plummer to demonstrate how anyone can contribute to the Kotlin language, specifically for providing code samples that appear in the Kotlin documentation.

Espresso Patronum: The Magic Of The Robot Pattern

Droidcon London 2019 The third iteration of this talk, and the best one yet. I spoke about the benefits of the robot pattern for more maintainable UI and unit tests.

Improving Code Quality With Static Analysis

NY Android Meetup, October 2019 I presented about the static analysis tools ktlint and detekt that I implemented at OkCupid, and how it helped us avoid bikeshedding and code smells.

//TODO: Write A Better Comment

Droidcon NYC 2019 This talk is all about code comments - understanding when we can avoid them and how to optimize the helpfulness of the comments we keep.

MVWTF: Demystifying Architecture Patterns

Android Summit 2019 Breaking down the differences of the various MV* patterns and understanding how each pattern leads to the next.

Community Driven, Community Built: The Droidcon Boston App Story

Droidcon Boston 2019 I spoke with Chris Corrado about our experience volunteering on the Droidcon Boston conference app. We share tips and tricks for working with distributed teams of volunteers.

Why Native App Development Isn't Dead Yet

Creative Coding Meetup, August 2018 Discussing some popular cross platform tools and why they aren't enough to kill native app development.

Hidden Gems In Kotlin Standard Library

Brooklyn Kotlin Meetup, July 2018 Exploring some cool functions and language features from Kotlin's standard library.

Espresso Patronum: The Magic Of The Robot Pattern

Chicago Roboto 2018 The robot pattern is a way to help you write more readable and maintainable tests. This talk highlights the benefits of this pattern with respect to UI testing, so you don't have to abandon your Espresso tests every time you change a screen.

Leveraging The Robot Pattern For Espresso Tests

NY Android Meetup, April 2018 A shorter version of my Espresso Patronum presentation given at the NYC Android Meetup at Plated.
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